RFID is a short form of radio frequency identification, prominently used to recognize gathering of radio signals. Essentially, they have two sorts of tags, passive tags and active tags. Both labels are costly relying upon the battery utilized. Here are principle advantages of utilizing RFID technology over the tedious barcode system. Smart RFID Tags are of high caliber and dependable. These tags have an in- built battery source.


The big truth, which we are consciously unconscious about, is threat to the sustainability of planet earth. The need of the hour is going green in our day-to-day activities. A little bit of the green initiative by every citizen can bring all the difference! Company Certifications Contact us Sitemap Dealer Become a Dealer Products Wirless Gateway Wireless Scene


Given the quantum of ready structures and buildings challenge today was to modernize and automate them without impacting life / business on normal course. KlugKraft’s Zigbee based wireless solutions now gives the possibility of changing this paradigm. Homes, Buildings, Offices, Monuments, Structures, Schools, Hospitals can now enhance the user experience by adopting these wireless