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Smart home revolution: Examining India’s growing demand for home automation post pandemic

Smart homes or home automation are no longer a far-fetched dream. The growing demand for home automation and the advent of various innovations in this field are establishing a new market dynamic in this sector.

People all over the world have become extremely tech smart nowadays. Innovations in AI and IoT have the potential to disrupt practically every aspect of our lives, and now it looks like they can do the same to our homes as well. From sliding your curtains to checking who is at your door to warming up your microwave, everything is just a click or voice command away.

“We can automate any kind of appliance. This is the power of IoT,” says Srikar Bommakanti, an IoT enthusiast and BDM at a white label company, KIOT Innovations, a smart home solution provider, which can automate anything from geysers to TVs to rice cookers, kettles, and wet grinders.

Over the years, smart homes have been gradually taking off in the country.

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