Money Savings

Klugkraft’s technology allows you to continually lower your energy consumption and reduce operating costs. Better equipment utilization results into longer life and lower repair & maintenance cost. Thus our solution results into lower cost of ownership and on-going maintenance requirements.

To employ this world class solution you don’t need to spend large amount as Klugkraft products are compatible with your existing equipment and do not demand any expensive integration. They are simple and intuitive to install.

Moreover Klugkraft makes use of Open technologies which does not need its users to buy any expensive software and get into any annual software or licences. Our APP can be installed on your any existing SMART Phone / Tablet and hence is universal. Once again savings for you.

Energy Savings

Klugkraft sensors and equipment run on ZIGBEE technology which need very less energy to run and a typical AA battery runs for months. Also the features can be programmed in a way to give maximum comfort with least energy usage.

Klugkraft is Green

Lower energy usage and better utilization not only lowers the cost of living but also reduces CO2 emission, thus we say our solution increases Sustainability of the Eco-system and contribute to growing need of conservation of our valuable resources.