• Relaxed lighting in the evening.
  • Bright lighting when its needed for a task.
  • Improved safety by allowing low light levels to be used at night. Particularly advantageous if small children are about.
  • Better comfort and better visibility.
  • Can reduce energy use.
  • Can be controlled manually and  remotely .
  • The modelling is modern and fashionable for better integration with home furnishing.
  • Wireless deploy, simple installation and .
  • Scene setting can be done according to personal habbits, which enables you to enjoy life while save the energy
  • Support ZigBee HA protocol.

Product Description

Dimmers are devices used to vary the brightness of a light. By decreasing or increasing the RMS voltage and, hence, the mean power to the lamp, it is possible to vary the intensity of the light output. Although variable-voltage devices are used for various purposes, the term dimmer is generally reserved for those intended to control light output from resistive incandescent, halogen, and (more recently) compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Dimmers range in size from small units the size of a light switch used for domestic lighting to high power units used in large theatre or architectural lighting installations. Small domestic dimmers are generally directly controlled, although remote control systems are available.