• Advances on traditional modem.
  • Faster by using efficient wireless protocol (Zigbee ).
  • Better network bandwidth management.
  • Reliable and secure data transfer.
  • Simple structure and easy to use.
  • Access via TCP/IP
  • LED status indication
  • Save and run the setup by dedicated software
  • Support ZigBee HA protocol.

Product Description

The heart of a wireless network is the gateway. The wireless gateway is a device that allows the automation devices to connect with internet through LAN. It brings together the functions of a wireless access point and a router, and sometimes provides firewall functionality as well. A router is a hardware device or software program that allows communication between automation devices on the personal network and the Internet.

The reason most people want a wireless gateway in their home or workplace is to share their Internet connection with multiple devices they have in the house or workplace. A wireless network setup is needed if the user wants to go anywhere in the network range and get a connection without the use of cables. With a wireless access point (WAP), which provides heightened wireless security, users are able to add devices that access the network with few or no cables.


  • For smart home automation
  • Industry
  • Automobile automation
  • Agricultural automation
  • Medical equipments