Though RFID technology has been around for decades, new technologies and innovation promise to bring a flood of new applications to transport and logistic industries. As a software development company, we have designed our device by implementing RFID technology which is helps to  cater any industry from transportation to logistic service provider. Smart24x7 RFID is now transitioning itself into an essential part of the next next big thing—the Internet of Things (IoT).

Key Features of Smart RFID Device

  • Live GPS Tracking of people, items, and equipment’s location on a map
  • Geo-Fencing to set virtual fences around specific locations
  • Wearing Sensor to send a signal to the authorised persons in case it is removed
  • SOS calling allows : Calling all the preprogrammed emergency contacts, during an emergency
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Listener mode allows you to listen to your child’s surroundings for additional security
  • Sleek Design with great UI
  • Free compatibility all for iPhone and Android phones
  • Water-Resistant and shockproof
  • Includes charging cable, USB cable and SIM card

Tech Specification:-

Operating System & Processor



  • Battery Protection : Battery short circuit protection
  • Battery Type : lithium-ion 1650mAh
  • Battery Backup : 16 Hours with 5 second ping and 20 hours with 5 minute ping.


  • Bluetooth : 4.1
  • Network : 2G (GPRS)
  • GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Internet Connection TCP/IP/MQTT V3.0
  • GPS Accuracy Horizontal Position Accuracy Autonomous <2.5 m CEP
  • Data update duration to server :  5 second
  • SIM: Embedded and Normal
  • RFID Reader Mifare Passive distance 5 CM

Physical SOS

  • Panic Button : Real-Time alerts with location through Internet & SMS facility


  • Speaker : MP3 for real-Time actions in Device


  • Flash Memory :  Data Retention 64Mb  in case of device offline or network failure. Can store data approx 3 days login in offline mode.


  • Dimensions : 65W 115L 40D mm
  • Weight : 200 gm
  • Type : IP-65


  • Power Supply : Wide range power supply 8-40VDC
  • Input Voltage Protection :  Input Voltage protection for wrong connection
  • Output Buzzer : RFID Reader Status Indication
  • LED status for GPS ,GSM and Device
  • Power consumption : 80-100 mA normal in condition.
  • Real time speed Alert user dynamic input.
  • RFID Plastic Card Tags : Mifare 13.56 Mhz/ Scan range 3 CM
  • RFID Stickers : Mifare Ultralight EV1 White Label